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The 2nd International Joint Symposium on Oral and Dental Science

Sebulan yang lalu saya nekat mengikutsertakan abstrak ke event The 2nd International Joint Symposium on Oral and Dental Science untuk kategori poster ilmiah. Alhamdulillah, ada yang lolos. ^^

Untuk mengetahui jadwal presentasi oral dan posternya, aturan mainnya silakan klik di sini :


Abstract Acceptance Notification-IJM2012

Guideline for Poster and Oral Presentation (Attachment #3)

Beberapa daftar yang lolos berasal dari Universitas Jember adalah:

No Author Title Presentation media Presentation date
1. Sukanto Cytotoxic Activity of Punica granatum linn peel ethanol extract on Fibroblast Cell Line Poster Mar 1, 2012
2. Agustin Wulan Suci Comparison c – telopeptide pyridinoline level in gingival crevicular fluid and rontgen as detecting of alveolar bone destruction Oral Mar 2, 2012
3. Dwi Prijatmoko Can A Dental Arch Length Be Used as Biomarker of Vascular Disease ? Poster Mar 1, 2012
4. M.Nurul Amin The Orthodontic tooth movement: can be accelerated? Poster Mar 1, 2012
5. Rina Sutjiati The Difference of Zig-Zag Shaped Tag Length of Orthodontic Wire in Acrylic Plate on The Pressure Strength Poster Mar 1, 2012
6. Pujiana E.L Assessment of The IS6110-PCR for Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates Compared to The rpoB-PCR Poster Mar 1, 2012
7. Zahara M The Amount of Cells Macrophage of Wistar Rats Gingival after Probiotik Administration Induced by P. Gingivalis and LPS E. coli Poster Mar 1, 2012
8. Kiswaluyo Dental Caries Evaluation Post UKGS in Elementary and Pre-Elementary School Students in Puger District Jember Poster Mar 1, 2012
9. Hestieoninni Hadnyanawati Dental Caries, The Levels of Fluor Water Wells and The Poster Mar 1, 2012
10. Ristya Widi Endah Yani The Difference of Fluorosis Occurance in Coastal and Mountain Population Poster Mar 1, 2012
11. Ali Taqwim & Abdul Rochim Delayed Tooth Replantation After Traumatic Avulsion : A Case Report Poster Mar 1, 2012
12. Abdul Rochim Randomized Double Blind Clinical Trial To Assess The Anesthesitics Effect of Mepivacain Vs Lidocain Vs Lidocain +Adrenalin Oral Mar 2, 2012
13. Wasilah & Abdul Rochim The Decline in The Number of Peripheral Blood Lymphocites by Giving Periapical Radiograph Dose of X Ray Radiation Exposure Poster Mar 1, 2012
14. Wasilah Bluegrass Alternative Appliance in The Cessation of Thumb Sucking Poster Mar 1, 2012
15. Tecky Indriana Calcium, Bone Remodelling, and Skeletal Quality Poster Mar 1, 2012
16. Budi Yuwono The Change of Blood Pressure Post Administration of Pehacain Local Anesthetic Based on The Body Mas Index Poster Mar 1, 2012
17. Iin Eliana Triwahyuni Immunosupression and Oral Infection with C.albicans Decrease TNF α Level Poster Mar 1, 2012
18. Mellyna Trismi Utami,Ali Taqwim,Zahreni Hamzah A Comparison of Efficacy Between Conventional and Modified Stethoscope in Detection of TMJ Sound Poster Mar 1, 2012
19. Tantin Ermawati Levels of Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA) in The Serum An Aggresive Periodontitis Rats Injected with Anti OMP 40 kDa from P.gingivalis Oral Mar 2, 2012
20. Desi Sandra Spesific Immune Response to The 40kDa Anti Outer Membran Protein for Porphyromonas gingivalis in The Rats Models of Aggresive Periodontitis Poster Mar 1, 2012
21. I Dewa Ayu S Molecular Mechanism Role of Porphyromonas gingivalis in Atherosclerotic Plaque Rupture: Hypothetical Concept Oral Mar 2, 2012
22. I Dewa Ayu S Porphyromonas gingivalis Epitopes in Peripheral Blood Serum of Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Poster Mar 1, 2012
23. Yenny Yustisia Immobilization of Bombyx mory’s Sericin on Poli(L-Lactic Acid) Films and Its Effect on Surface Hydrophilicity Oral Mar 2, 2012
24. Suhartini Wear Reduction Effect of Ion Implantation on Biomedical Poster Mar 1, 2012
25. I Dewa Ayu Ratna Dewanti Tissue Engineering Technology Using Fish Scale As Component of Pulp Capping (Literature Review) Poster Mar 1, 2012
26. I Dewa Ayu Ratna Dewanti Phagocytic Activity Macrophage to Candida albicans Poster Mar 1, 2012
27. Erna Sulistyani Could healthy rat used as the animal model for study of Candida albicans infection? Poster Mar 1, 2012
28. Depi Praharani Viability of Monocytes Which Exposed Porphyromonas gingivalis and incubated with the black cumin oil Poster Mar 1, 2012
29. Rudy Joelijanto Factors That Affect The Duration of Orthodontic Treatment Poster Mar 1, 2012
30. Yani Corvianindya Rahayu The Role of Remineralization on Management of Non-Invasive Dental Caries Poster Mar 1, 2012

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